Monday, July 18, 2011


The first weekend in July, Dale and I were finally able to get out in the Archipelago. We took the bus to Vaxholm and from Stockholm it took us maybe 45 minutes to get there. Vaxholm is one of the larger and more touristy of the 24,000 islands in the archipelago and once we got there it was pretty covered with people. We walked along the coast until we found a less busy area to picnic on the water and as we were walking we spotted this fortress on a neighboring island. 
The fortress is called Vaxholm Castle and luckily their was a sign in English so we learned this was the main sea route to Stockholm and the fortress was pivotal in protecting Stockholm, and thus all of Sweden, from the Danes in the 17th century and the Russians in the 18th century for those respective wars, and today it is a Museum on Coastal Defense, but we didn't go in.
We had a nice picnic on the coast and ended the trip with a swim in the chilly Baltic sea!
Hope wherever you are has warmer water!
Love Always,


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