Friday, July 8, 2011

Tourists in Stockholm Day 1

Once we were back from our cruise Laura and Logan left to go explore Europe. We were sad to say goodbye but literally moments later Dale's parents came! We are so spoiled with visitors, it's pretty great! We went to dinner and caught up for a bit before calling it a night. But the next day we got up bright and early to do a walking tour of Stockholm. We started off in the 'center' of Stockholm at Sergels Torg which is a big statue with fountain at the main subway station with a lot of shopping surrounding it.

From there we walked down Drottninggatan and within a couple blocks we were at the Riksdag, the Parliament of Sweden. It wasn't a day they were offering tours but we still went in and watched a legislative session for a little bit. It's always interesting learning how each country does their politics and it was nice to watch Sweden's political process in action.
Next we went just a couple steps to the Royal Palace and watched the changing of the guard. Since it's summer time they make a big show of it and have the Marine Corp march around for a bit playing music. But it was fun to watch all the pomp and circumstance.
After the show was over we walked through Gamla Stan to Södermalm where we stopped for a nice traditional Swedish lunch before continuing to our favorite overlook of the city.
We finished up our walking tour by heading back through Gamla Stan to meander the streets for a bit before Dale and his family played a poker tournament at the casino in Stockholm, the Casino Casmopol. They all made it to the top half at least but no one took home any prizes, maybe next time!
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