Monday, July 4, 2011


After a night on the cruise we woke up to an overhead announcement that we were soon docking in Riga, Latvia. So we got up and got ready. Once we left the boat we walked along a beautiful and very green park towards downtown Riga. 
Latvia's history is actually pretty interesting and the land has switched hands a lot throughout the years, at one point it was even the largest city in Sweden, and has been an independent country for the last 20 years - the longest stretch of independence in their history. Because of all this turbulence there are statues and plaques all over town discussing the desire for independence and peace.
Once we were downtown we stopped for some coffee and some local food which we all ended up loving. Who knew Latvian food was so tasty?!
After we were full and happy we continued walking and it was interesting to see so much different architecture all within blocks.
We went to a huge market in an old zephyr bunker and had fun looking at all the various meats, cheeses, spices, etc. but we didn't get to buy anything because we didn't switch any of our money for our 6 hours in town.
We finished our time in Riga by stopping at a bakery for some fresh made goodies and we walked back to our ship. It was a great day and it was really interesting seeing a place I knew so little about. I'm not so sure it's the 'Paris of the North' the cruise sells it as but it is a very charming little city.
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