Friday, July 22, 2011

Scuba duba de do!

Our friends back home in Colorado have been pressuring us to get Scuba Certified for quite some time and the other weekend we finally put aside some time and got 'er done. We did a PADI Open Water Diver Certification Course at Fantasea in Stockholm. 
We just did the referral program which means we did the book work and the pool work and to finish the certification we will have to do a 2 day dive course in open water, but we wanted to do that somewhere more tropical than the chilly Baltic.
They held the course in English for us and it was just Dale, me, and a very sweet Scottish girl. I had been weary to try scuba diving because relying on the tank seemed scary to me but after enough pressure I decided to give it a try and decide. Growing up, I spent weeks every summer snorkeling around the lake my family had a cottage on so I am very comfortable in the water, with the mask, and breathing through the snorkel. Once I got the gear on and realized how similar scuba diving is to snorkeling the course was a breeze. 
We had to do our pool work in a local community outdoor pool which was really cold, even with the wet suit. And seeing just how dirty the water is through the mask I was pretty grossed out about community pools.
At the end of the course as we were packing up, our instructor pointed out a hedgehog in the grass nearby. I was so excited about it he excused me from cleanup to let me look at the little guy. I didn't even know hedgehogs lived in the wild in Europe and now I want one as a pet. How cute are hedgehogs?! 

I can't wait to scuba again and I'm already dreaming of scuba vacations and of what to name my pet hedgehog! I hope Dale isn't allergic to hedgehogs.
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Krystle said...

Oh my gosh! That hedgehog is so cute.

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