Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer in the city

It's summer time in the city! Since it's July the Swedes have made an exodus to their countryside cottages - it seems like almost everyone and everything is closed for July vacations. So the city is currently a tourist playground, at least what's open is anyway. I've been enjoying hearing so much English around and I get stopped for directions enough that I almost feel like a local. Long days mean Dale and I have time in the evenings to go on picnics after work. We did a dinner picnic in Haga Park the other day which we walked to from our apartment and saw this sunset and maybe a dozen hot air balloons drifting by. That was pretty neat to watch!

I also got Dale to succumb to Stockholm prices and take me out for a cocktail. We went to a rooftop bar overlooking Stockholm which was too packed with hipsters to get a good picture of the view, we'll have to return to get that picture because it was gorgeous. I got a Moscow Mule and it made me miss Autumn since she loves those!
From there we went to our favorite blues and jazz joint in Gamla Stan, Stampen, and enjoyed relaxing to some good tunes.
Once the band was done we called it a night and walked home through the beautiful streets of Stockholm. I haven't got sick of this city yet!
Love Always,


Fernando said...

We loved our 5 hours in the city. So jealous that you live there... We'll have to do it again when you are in town. The good news is that Hele finally has a nationality...

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