Sunday, April 3, 2011

Standing on the corner, waiting for the bus

Last weekend Dale and I moved. Via bus. This was a headache we never thought we would have to deal with but it definitely made us feel transient. On the one hand I suppose it's nice to know we could easily pack up and move everything we have with us, which is just clothes really. On the other hand, 3 trips back and forth via bus lugging all your clothes really makes you wonder why you own so many clothes!
There is a bus that runs almost directly between the old apartment and the new apartment but unfortunately it only runs during weekday rush hour. So, we had to take one bus half the way, walk around the highway, and then take another bus. Happy happy joy joy. 
It was a long day and we slept soundly but we got everything moved and now I'm busy trying to spruce up our 50's style apartment while spending minimal money on it. I'll post pictures soon!
Love Always,


Fernando said...

You know you can always take a taxi... Glad to hear you are in your new place. Now we can plan your visit. We are still waiting for Helena. I thought it was going to be today, but Lu is feeling better than ever... Any day now..

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