Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting my hairs cut

I've been living in Stockholm for 4 months now. I can no longer put off the need to get my hair cut. I've been too scared of what the language barrier would make my hair cut end up looking like. But I finally bit the bullet and went with Dale to a place near campus at the corner of Valhallavägen and Surbrunnsgatan.

 At 180 SEK (that's about $28) for a trim, it's one of the more reasonable places around town. And there's no shortage of hair salons in this city! On the average city block you are bound to find 4 or 5 hair salons. I have no idea how they all stay in business! We went on a Saturday and most of the salons were closed for the weekend so we had slim pickin's. Anyway, when we got to the salon I asked in Swedish for a trim and explained as best I could what I wanted. But my Swedish is limited and it quickly became obvious the hair dresser spoke limited Swedish as well, and she didn't speak English, she was Iranian. It was a little scary not being able to communicate what I wanted but I figured with a trim not much could go wrong. In the end she did a pretty go job, I did find one bit of hair she left longer then the rest and had to fix that at home myself. I've never had to to that before but all things considered I guess that's a lot better then it could've turned out! Dale ended up with a shorter do then he had in mind but grew to like it. I doubt I'll go back to this location but at least I'm over the fear of the hair salon now!
Love Always,


Fernando said...

I went a couple of weeks ago with a Lebanese. I didn't even try to ask in Swedish... Fedito has an appointment two weeks from now. That will be interesting. You should put a picture of your new do!


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