Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Visiting Drottingholm Slott

This past weekend Mark and Andrea visited, I love visitors! We had a great time walking through the narrow cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan in the morning. I just love all the beautiful old buildings.

We ended the walking tour at City Hall and the trees there right now are an intense green. I thought the trees  looked really great with the sun shining through them. From City Hall there is a pretty cool view of Södermalm which I've shared just below.
In the afternoon our friend Olov and his cute-as-can-be daughter Jane met up with us and we took a boat over to Drottingholm Slott. Drottingholm Slott is the palace of the Royal family of Sweden and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The palace was much bigger and more beautiful then I thought it would be. Dale and I visited the royal palace in Germany ( and the palace was not so impressive so I was surprised to find the Swedish palace was.
As soon as we got to the palace we stopped for a picnic in the park at the palace grounds. The weather was great and it was so nice to spend an afternoon in the sun with good friends, I hope we can do that more often! Once we were feeling rejuvenated we walked around the palace grounds to see the gardens and the Chinese Pagoda.
Then we stopped for fika and the girls got ice cream and the boys got coffee. We meandered back to the boat and returned to Stockholm.
This was my first time on the water in Stockholm and it was nice to see the city from the water and get a better idea of where all the places we've been are located relative to one another. For instance, the picture above is just near the floating restaurant we went to the other week.
I wasn't feeling like much of a photographer but I did get this almost group picture!
We ended the day with Swedish meatballs with lingon berry sauce and princess cake for dessert. This was definitely ong of my favorite days in Sweden so far and I'm so excited for our next visitors in just over three weeks!
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