Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grindelwald: Day 4

For our last day in Grindelwald we decided to take the train to a town on the other side of the valley called Murren.
Image From: http://www.mymuerren.ch/en.cfm/ortsplan/

Grindelwald is the town on the left most oval and Murren is the oval on the right. I also oval-ed the ski area and the top circle is the Top of Europe trip. At the base of the mountains lies Interlaken which interconnects two large lakes. So now you've got an idea of the area. It took maybe 45 minutes to get to Murren from Grindelwald. Murren is a tiny little town on the top of a steep cliff where there are no cars. We walked through the town on our way to a hike and on the way we saw this tiny little house stacked full of firewood and it reminded me of a certain house on the East Coast. :)
It was cloudy at this altitude but we saw a lot of paragliders taking off right next to town and Dale decided it's a sport he wants to get in to. Being scared of heights, the jury is still out for me!
As we continued on out hike we saw lots of different wild flowers and occasionally some small huts along the path. I loved this view with the flowers along the path.

We even found a hut with a wood fired hot tub!
We kept hiking a little bit longer until we came to a river where the bridge hadn't been put in yet for the summer and snow was still on the trail. So we stopped for a totally legal lunch with the view below before heading back.
As we got back in to Murren the clouds had lifted a bit and the view was pretty spectacular.
Everywhere we went in Switzerland there were public drinking fountains and they were always sculptures of some sort. I really liked this one in Murren with its goat head metal work (hope you can see that in the picture!)
Then we took the gondola back down to Lauterbrunnen and walked from the Lauterbrunnen train station along the river bank to Zweilutschinen train station.
And just before the end of our day of hiking we finally found a farm where the cows wore bells! We'd been able to hear the cow bells jingling all over Switzerland but hadn't been able to get close enough to get a picture. So I was pretty excited to finally get my cow with bell picture.
Then it was back to the porch for our last night of porch time. I miss the porch!
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