Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Friday night Dale and I ventured to the island of Kungsholmen in Stockholm to get dinner and drinks at Malarpaviljongen. We were initially going to a meet up but when we got there it was busy and it wasn't apparent where the meet up group was. So we found a stop to settle down and we were so happy we didn't bother trying to find the group. We both got cheeseburgers and they were the best burgers we've found so far in Stockholm! And they were reasonably priced (for Stockholm that is) at about 170 sek, which converts to almost $30 USD. Which reminds me I need to do a post about the cost of living here! Anyway, back to beautiful Malarpaviiljiongen, the picture below is my delicioso cheeseburger. You can tell it's mine by the wine. :)
The restaurant its self is floating on the water and the land it is connected to is a park with big beautiful trees. Here's a picture from our seats looking towards the shore and the glassed in pavilion whcih is the restaurants namesake. 
Looking to the left of the pavilion we watched a beautiful sunset from the river. I love being on the water! It's so peaceful. Even if it is just from a floating restaurant!
A little bit more to the left of our spot you could see the bridge to Langholmen (and the crowd of people).
You all remember when Dale told you that Stockholm is as far north as Anchorage Alaska right? That means it doesn't get terribly warm here. So a lot of the restaurants have blankets for you to keep warm in if you are sitting outside. The OCD part of me thinks there is no way that can be sanitary but I love being warm and I think it's down right sweet of the restaurants to want their customers to be warm! But the heat lamps that have taken the States by storm are no where to be found. Personally, I like the blankets better then the heat lamps anyway, as long as the restaurants are washing them!
Malarpaviljongen is definitely one of my favorite spots in Stockholm! Good food, good location, good atmosphere, and not too pricey! I see many summer days here in our future!
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Anonymous said...

Hej,Matilda! It's me, Cathy! This restaurant is close to my apartment. My husband and I pass by it when we talk a walk after dinner everday. Maybe one day I can see you and Dale who I've never met. Have a good day!

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