Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sigtuna is a small town about an hour North of Stockholm (on public transportation). Last weekend Dale and I ventured to Sigtuna to check it out. Sigtuna was founded in 980 and is the oldest city in Sweden. This picture below is of the oldest street in Sweden, storagatan.
We visited the Sigtuna museum where we learned that just after Sigtuna was founded Sweden's coins were minted there and it was also the Royal residence. My favorite thing in the museum was a reindeer antler carved with unusual detail into what is known as the 'Sigtuna Viking' but it is believed that this is probably supposed to be a portrait of King Eric Segersäll
The town has many ruin stones throughout the city and Dale and walked around to find them all and check them out. Ruin stones are stones with inscriptions or designs carved into them and were a viking tradition from the 4th to 12th century. They usually pay homage to a deceased person but sometimes people made them for their selves  so they would be remembered after their death. 
Sigtuna is situated on the shore of lake Mälaren and we stopped for a mid-day break on the shores. It reminded me of New England a lot.
Finally we walked around some church ruins and then headed back to Stockholm. It was beautiful weather and we had a great time exploring this little old city.
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Charissa said...

That's cool that they made those stones to be remembered by after death. It's so crazy that that street is that old...It's hard to imagine life so long ago! Thanks for posting!

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