Thursday, May 5, 2011


For our last day in Switzerland we traveled back to Zurich and walked around the city. We had a super early flight the next day and nothing we really HAD to see in Zurich anyway so we just wanted to take it easy. It was Easter so most places were closed, we weren't in town to go shopping so we weren't so disappointed. We did a walking tour of the city, mostly following a suggested route from our hotel. The tour started in Old Town Zurich which had beautiful tiny winding paths.
Then we walked along the riverside for a little bit. It was another hot day so lots of people were picnicking along the banks of the river. It was nice to see so many people enjoying their day. As we continued the path we found ourselves at the base of Fraumünster which is the church on the right side of the shore in the picture below. They didn't allow pictures inside so I can't share what it looked like inside but the convent was first built in 853 and the main reason people visit the church is to see a set of five stained glass windows by Marc Chagall in 1970. I love Chagall's work and didn't know about these pieces so that was a great discovery!
As I mentioned it was Easter and I had my eyes peeled for some kids dressed as witches since I was missing that experience in Sweden but alas, I did not find any witches. The most Easter-y thing I could find was only in chocolate shops showcasing their chocolate bunnies. But my oh my did these look like top of the line chocolate bunnies. Sorry fans, I don't have more news on what Easter in Switzerland is like. All I could tell was that it was a time to relax with family and not do much. But that sounds like a good holiday to me!
Not far from the church, our tour took us to a park overlooking the city and river. In the park were a dozen or so groups of people playing bocce and we had a lot of fun sitting and watching them play. I could definitely get in the habit of Sunday afternoons picnicking in the park with friends and playing a little bocce!
Finally we ended up back at the Central Station. Switzerland was such a great trip. The rail system there is so elaborate. Dale and I couldn't stop talking about how cool it would be if Colorado connected all the mountain towns by rail like Switzerland has. Come on Colorado get on it! And could you put in a subway before I move back too? Thanks! Hehe. It was also nice to finally get some time outdoors in the sun. Seeing the Alps was so great but in large part just because it reminds me of home. Definitely made me miss my friends and family but I know I'll be home before I know it!
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