Monday, May 9, 2011

Learning Swedish Update

I have now completed the A1 level of Swedish at Folkuniversitetet! I was planning to continue with the A2 course but the class that fits my schedule is on a break for the summer so now it's back to learning via Rosetta Stone. I'm understanding a lot of words and feel like I catch a lot when I listen to conversations, watch Swedish tv, or read the newspaper. But I know talking is what I need to work on to really improve. So, anyone out there willing to do a Swedish language exchange with me? Or know where I can set one up? I know it sounds easy. I'm surounded by Swedish speakers. But when I try to speak Swedish they quickly realize I don't know much Swedish so they switch to English and I don't feel like I can ask my co-workers to practice Swedish with me because a large part of why I was hired at this position was to help them practice their English. I think I've already made a lot of progress with Swedish and I really think I can get a hold on this language in the time we are here so I will definitely keep trying. Until I find someone to practice with, I'll be practicing with my computer!
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Jorge Filevich said...

Have you tried:


Anonymous said...

You are doing much better than us! Maybe you should talk to Fedito. He seems to be picking it up very quickly! Maybe a year from now we can have a 3 minute conversation in Swedish about the weather...


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