Monday, June 6, 2011

Amsterdam Amigos

Last weekend we meet up with some amazing friends for a great weekend in Amsterdam. It was soo nice to be surrounded by great people, laughing, debating politics, strolling the canals, ah the good life! Dale and I flew in after work on Friday and we met up with the gang for some delicious La Chouffe beers.
We are lucky enough to have friends in Lieden and Delft and we got to stay with each of them and catch up with them and some great Americans too! It's great to be surrounded by friends and it made coming back to Stockholm a little sad but it's nice to be 'home'. Thanks for letting us stay at your houses and everything else!

And here comes the info the Amsterdam Amigos know is coming, public transport in the Netherlands is lacking. Dale and I got caught in a constant stream of problems getting around. Trains cancelled for no reason, trains getting worked on so alternate routes were supposed to be arranged for the passenger and they weren't, subways shut down with no sign explaining, trains just stopped with no information about when we would resume again. It was a transport nightmare! At least the quality time with friends made the transport problems no big deal!

Love Always,


Krystle said...

It was great to see you guys!

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