Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Around Amsterdam: Day 1

After having too much fun Friday night we had a slow start on Saturday which was perfect because the weather was not so great. We started the afternoon off at a brewery in a windmill on a confluence of two canals and the brewery is called Brewerij't IJ.
Inside the windmill they have lots of beers on display but we were a little boring and we all got the same thing, I think it was the Ijwit. Whatever it was it was quite tasty and we got some delicious cheese and salami to go with it. 
The inside of the brewery was packed so we sat out in the cold but we still had a great time! Next we walked around the city a bit, wandering along the canals until we were cold enough to need to take a break indoors. At which point we stopped in a spanish bar/restaurant and got some tapas. Krystle and I chickened out of trying these deep fried head and tail still on little anchovy fishies that everyone else is enjoying in the picture below. But the tapas were quite tasty and the crew did manage to get me to taste the octopus which I liked - minus the suction cup thingies. (What are those called?)
Next we wandered the canals again until we got to the i am sterdam sign and we took our obligatory tourist photos with the sign. Below is Bren hiding from the rain in the d and below that Nayra, Fede and me posing.
Then we once again sought shelter from the rain and grabbed a beer at one of the seemingly endless cozy cafes that line the canals of Amsterdam.
We watched the European soccer championships while we drank our beer and dried off and when we were ready to call it a night we headed back to the train station but accidentally found ourselves walking through the red light district. Thankfully it was not the touristy red light district so everything was behind curtains, we did see a fair share of people dodging into the buildings though. I think it's pretty sad Amsterdam is so famous for the red light district and 'coffee shops', I really thought it was a beautiful city with so much more to it and the picture below is the closest I got to those tourist things.
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