Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anchor Pub

A couple weeks ago Dale took me to a hard rock pub not far from our house called "Anchor Pub". It looked decent enough from the outside and inside looked like your standard pub and they were serving standard pub fare. I got a steak with mashed potatoes and bearnaise, pictured below. The Swedes love bearnaise and steak and bearnaise can be found on most menus.
The food was pretty good and we, well Dale really, enjoyed the rock music. We hung around after dinner and drank a couple beers and ended up making friends with some nice Swedish guys on their leave from Afghanistan. They told us all about the hooligan football shenanigans they participate in here and the hooligan's were recently in the news: So, they were really great people but probably not my new best friends. 
Oh, and Dale was really excited to have found Dale's Pale Ale in Sweden! Who knew little old Oskar Blues of Colorado, USA exports to Sweden? We didn't get one though, $20 for a $3 beer and $5 shot just didn't fly in this household so Coloradoans enjoy some Colorado beer for us!
Love Always,


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