Monday, June 20, 2011

Brussels: Day 2

For our first full day in Brussels I dragged Dale to the Ixelles/Elsene area in the South of Brussels. I wanted to go here to walk around and see the Art Nouveau architecture as well as to get out of the touristy area and see the 'real city'. 
We followed a suggested walking route and we had a great time spotting the unique buildings. Once we had had enough of that we stopped for frites at the frit flagey stand in flagey park. I got a strange sauce on mine and Dale went with the traditional mayonnaise. I've never thought of fries as a meal but in this region they are a meal! And they are tasty!
Next we walked up to the EU area and we checked out the EU Headquarters and the Belgian Parliament.
We found a nice grassy knoll near this random castle thing on the lawn of the royal residence and we took an afternoon nap in the sunshine.
Walking back into town we again found ourselves in the Grand Place and Dale noticed one of the shops was actually a brewery so we stopped in for a taster.
After that we grabbed dinner and returned to Delirium for another shot at some tasty Belgian beers (I promise we don't normally drink this much beer but in Belgium we had too!). Dale was in a sour mood, sour beer that is :) and he ordered a Cantillon Kriek which we both loved, very highly recommend that one!
Then is was back to the hostel. I should mention, the hostel in Brussels was not at all impressive. We stayed at Bruegel Hostel Brussels and was lacking. I don't have high hostel standards but I do expect the place to be fairly clean and this place was not. I'm not sure the shower had ever been cleaned. Definitely look for somewhere else!
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