Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brussels: Day 1

When we got to Brussels we decided to take stroll with no real destination in mind. We somehow immediately ended up at the famous Brussels landmark  manneken pis, a statue of a peeing boy. So, Dale and I stopped and took our obligatory picture with the little guy. And he is tiny, maybe a foot tall.
We kept walking and found ourselves in the Grand Place, which is another UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the main square of Brussels. It was recently voted the most beautiful square in Europe and I can see why, the Grand Place is breathtaking.
We ate dinner in a little cafe we found near the square and it was just mediocre, not surprising since this is the touristy part of Brussels. Dale tried the mules frites (mussels and fries) and he even managed to get me to try one but I still hold my shellfish-free attitude. There was horse on the menu, apparently that's a classic Belgian dish, but I didn't feel quite that adventurous so I ordered a different classic dish of turkey and raspberries and it was pretty decent. Next we went to Delirium Cafe since it is known for having quite the beer selection and they did not disappoint. 
It's a bit overwhelming picking out a beer from over 2,000 options. I know a bit about beer but not to that level. So, Dale and I pretty much put ourselves at the mercy of the bartender who was very friendly and gave us some good tips.

Two strong Belgian beers was enough for us so we said farewell to our new bartender friend and we meandered on home past the Grand Place again and it was even more breathtaking at night.
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