Friday, June 10, 2011

Around Amsterdam: Day 2

Sunday morning we walked around Delft a little bit, took the train to Leiden and walked around there a little bit more and then met up with the gang. Delft had really beautiful doors, I just loved all the different shapes and colors.

Leiden has lots of canals and windmills and the streets are very narrow and winding. Both Delft and Leiden are beautiful little towns and our friends seem very happy calling these places home. 

When we were back with the group we took the train in to Amsterdam and hopped on a boat for a canal cruise. It was definitely a tourist thing to do but it was fun to see the city from the water and when we were listening to the boat driver we learned some interesting facts about the city.
For instance, this is one of the only straight canals so it's one of the only areas you can see so many bridges lined up. At night there are lights around the inside of the bridges and I bet this would be a beautiful night picture, next time!
All weekend long we kept seeing these people dressed in all white with gold. After asking several of them and getting some interesting responses we finally found out there was a Dutch band giving a concert and there was a dress code of white and gold to attend.

After the cruise we got some food and said goodbye to Brendan and Krystle. Then is was back to Leiden for a yummy rib dinner.

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