Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beloved Brugge

I'm going to deviate from my usual style and just write about Brugge for this post even though we didn't even spend the whole day in Brugge. We ate breakfast at our hostel, Lybeer Hostel. This was Dale's first true hostel experience and he now loves hostels. We have stayed at hostels for almost all our trips this year but up until this one they had turned out to be more like hotels but this one had the big hang out area, communal showers, 1 euro for this or that, yup it was a hostel. It was a nice hostel though, here was the view from our room.
Anyway, after we left the hostel we did a walking tour of Brugge roughly following a suggested walk from the book, 'Lonely Planet Belgium & Luxembourg' which Fede and Nayra loaned to us. We started out in the main square. Which is just as beautiful by daylight as it was in the dark and rain the night before. They had all the seats set up in preparation for their biggest festival of the year for assencion. The Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed has a piece of cloth with Christ's blood on it (which you can pay 1.5 euro to see) and on Ascension Day they march it around town. We didn't stick around for the festival nor did we pay to see the bloody cloth.
Our walk continued along the canals/moats. We had so much fun finding hidden Abbey's, mamma and baby swans, and just enjoying the enchanting city that is Brugge.
(This lounging golden is for you, faces!)
This town is straight out of a Disney movie, I swear! After finishing our walking tour, we stopped for lunch and a beer at the De Halv Maan Breweji. Dale got the Straffe Hendrik, which he really liked, and I got the Brugse Zot, which I thought was mediocre but perhaps I was still dreaming of the delicious Westvleteren 8 from the night before!
After lunch we checked out of the hotel and said goodbye, for now, to Brugge.
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