Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Dirt on Sweden

The Swedes are big on recycling and there are two different ways they recycle here. The first is by returning the aluminum cans and plastic bottles you've paid a deposit on at the grocery store. Dale is demonstrating for you how that works. You simply put your recycleables in this machine and when you are done press the button for your ticket. At the larger grocery stores they have seperate machines for plastic and cans. When you check out you present your ticket to the cashier and you get the total taken off your bill. Pretty simple. 
The other method is for all other recyclables, paper, tin, glass, etc. In many places through out the city you can find these recycle centers, ours is about 200 feet from our front door. These you just drop your recyclables into like normal trash bins.
The rest of our trash goes in the trash bin in the hallway. I've only seen these things in the movies before but it is pretty nice to be able to use those little shopping bags for something instead of just have a growing collection under the sink. Not fighting about who takes the trash out, since it's just outside the door anyway, is pretty great!
So there you have it folks, the dirt on our trash situation in Sweden! Titillating fo sho! :)
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