Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alan in Stockholm

Back in Stockholm we took Alan sightseeing a bit. The guys wanted to go to the Nobel Museum. I had gone in March with Emma and Nicola but I decided one more visit would be ok. We had a good time learning about all the amazing people and their accomplishments. Dale was particularly excited to find a chair Nobel Laureate Jerome Friedman (physics 1990) had sat in. Dale met Friedman a couple years ago and was particularly impressed with him.
Next we went up to the city overlook, we love taking visitors there and admiring the city.
Here's a view from the overlook towards the West and my favorite bridge, Västerbron.
Dale ever got into tour guide mode and taught Alan all about the city. He's such a good big brother.
The weather was great so we went to an outdoor patio at Södrateatern to drink a beer, chat, and enjoy the sun. 
It was a great day exploring the city!
Love Always,


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