Monday, August 15, 2011


I have a no cooking on Friday nights policy which we're trying to maintain in Stockholm despite the high cost of eating out. The most recent restaurant we've tried for our Friday night adventures is Svinet. I had been bugging Dale to try this place as soon as I read about it. It's only open for two months a year in the summer and they only serve pork - Svinet is the Swedish word for pig. Plus it's in the heart of Gamla Stan and I'm still not tired of strolling those beautiful old streets.
When we arrived there was a pleasant atmosphere. They had jazz playing, colorful strings of lights, and lots of plants everywhere. The weather was nice and it was a great evening to sit out on the patio, the only option at Svinet. I ordered the ribs which fell right off the bone and had a nice subtle bbq flavor.
Dale got the Iberico shoulder cut which did not disappoint.
As a side for our meat, all meals come with Munich salad which was very good.
We were most skeptical about the BBQ sauce since we have quite a lot of experience with BBQ sauce but it was actually quite great. What I liked the best about Svinet though was that in the sea of Stockholm restaurants that all offer the same three 'modern take on traditional Swedish meals' Svinet has entirely different and delicious options. Leave it to the Swedes to make BBQ so classy though, I'm used to a cheap pulled pork sandwich you get to go because you don't want to hang out in the neighborhood.
We were happy campers after dinner and took a nice stroll home through the cobblestone streets of Stockholm. If you're interested in going there yourself you better hurry, they are only open until August 27th otherwise you'll have to wait until next summer!
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Charissa said...

That's interesting that the restaurants make the same type of 3 meals but with their own take. So, did they only have 1 type of bbq sauce? You know how it is in the states, there are options...LOL~ Looks like you guys had a great meal at a very cute place.

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