Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Buffaloes who roam

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. My college roommate Katie and her boyfriend, now fiancee yippee!, Martin were visiting. Then Dale and I went to the Basque country to visit our ex-roommate Edu. So it's been a bit busy with no sign of slowing down. But as always we've been having a blast.

On Katie and Martin's first day in Stockholm I sent them to the Vasa Museum and met up with them for lunch afterwards at the always amazing Rosendal's Tragarden. I just love strolling through the flowers and enjoying whatever tasty dish they are serving.

Then we went to Skansen to see the zoo and the outdoor museum, but mostly to see the zoo animals. Since Katie and I are alumni of the University of Colorado at Boulder, we were particularly excited to see the buffalo! European buffalo are surprisingly different then American buffalo, they are much smaller here. All the animals had recently given birth too so it was fun to see so many baby animals.

Since the weather was good, we made our way to the beer garden at Södra Teatern for happy hour overlooking the city and to meet up with Dale after work. As we went to the beer garden we made our way through Gamla Stan and of course I took the cheesy Stockholm picture at the Royal Palace - and it's too cute not to share!

We had fun catching up and taking in the view. Dale and Martin talked lasers and accounting while Katie and I chatted about more serious things, like shoes. :) Finally we ate dinner at Herman's which is a vegetarian buffet overlooking the city. The food was amazing and our hands down favorite was the eggplant lasagna, yummy! After so much adventure we decided to call it a night and we strolled back home to enjoy a night cap on the patio.

Love Always,


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