Friday, August 5, 2011

Highlands: Day 3

For our last day in Scotland we saw the West Coast of Scotland. We left Inverness in the morning and drove down the A82. This route had us drive alongside Loch Ness, a narrow but loooooooong lake.
We stopped at a view point to try to find Nessie and boy was I shocked when we did find her! ;)
Just after Loch Ness we stopped for a short hike where we saw some cute little sheep. Dale promised we could have one next time we have a yard!
The hike was supposed to take us to waterfalls but from the picture below you can see the waterfalls weren't much. However, the bridges were really pretty and the water was brown reminding me of New Hampshire.
Our main-attraction for the day was just past the hike. We were riding on The Jacobite or as it's more famous name, The Hogwarts Express! A steam train ride along the West coast of Scotland. Below are a collection of pictures from our beautiful ride.
Ok, this picture is out the car window after the train ride when we were driving back to Edinburgh before our flight home the next morning. The West Coast was by far my favorite part of Scotland but I have a feeling the guys would say the Whisky was their favorite. I would love to come back to these mountains and do some hiking. Of course, we were blessed with pretty great weather. If it was as rainy as rumor says it is, I'm not sure I'd want to be hiking!
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Krystle said...

The west is my favorite part too. The hiking is suppose to be amazing!! Wish I had time for all of it :)

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