Saturday, August 13, 2011

M/S Blue Charm

In the states I'm a groupon fanatic but the groupon deals in Stockholm are just not as good. More often then not they are for makeup, hair salons, cellulite reductions, etc. I guess we know how the women here are so beautiful! I kid, kid! Anyway, there was a groupon more in my the category recently and I jumped on it. The deal was for a 3 hour champagne brunch cruise through the archipelago on the M/S Blue Charm. Normal it costs 345 sek per person but thanks to groupon I got it for 170 sek per person, a pretty great deal not even on Stockholm standards! The boat itself was pretty and was flying the big Swedish flag just as all boats here seem to do. Dale really wants to buy a boat now and fly the US flag. Maybe someday.
Inside it was very nice and we were greeted with champagne.
 There was also a live piano player and he was a lot of fun. He played all sorts of music and even got some of the people on board to sing, including Alan! We had a lot of fun listening to the music and singing along while watching the islands pass by.
The cruise went out to Vaxholm and back (no stopping at Vaxholm) and we saw lots of the traditional Swedish cottages.
The food on board was mediocre and more of traditional Swedish food then 'brunch'. But we were glad Alan got to try all the Swedish classics like herring, new potatoes, raw salmon, and even snaps!

After the boat was back in Stockholm we sat in the harbor talking and watching the seagulls.
Once we had digested our brunch enough and we were hungry again we decided to go out to dinner for sushi. It's sort of become a tradition for the three of us to eat sushi together so it was fun to make it an international tradition. We have several sushi places by our house but since Alan was visiting in July a lot of restaurants were closed for the summer. After walking a bit we finally found a sushi place that was a bit fancy but it was tasty too! And we all went a little out of our comfort zone and tried some different things then we were used to and we weren't disappointed.

It was fun having Alan here and getting to relax with him!
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