Saturday, August 27, 2011

Medieval Times

After our blissful weekend Dale had to go back to work so we all accompanied him for a tour of his research laboratory. Afterwards we were all going, huh? You're really smart Dale and pretty darn cute too!

Then we took it down a notch and went to lunch for some pizza. Pizza's in Sweden are huge and are meant to be per person but I can never eat more then half, tops. So of course I was yet again the foreigner asking for a take away box and getting silly looks. But it was worth it because I just love the thin crust and piled high with cheese pizza here. 
After lunch while Dale worked the rest of us went to the Museum of Medieval Stockholm. It's a free museum underneath the Parliament. The museum has some pretty cool artifacts, and some pretty creepy artifacts. You can see the original wall that surrounded the whole city to prevent it from being attacked, a viking boat, and some real gallows. We had a good time learning the history of Sweden. 
While we were at the museum there was a Baltic States meeting in the Parliament so we got to see all the big wigs from all the Baltic countries exiting the building. Although, we aren't up to snuff enough to recognize any of them. 
Unfortunately this was our last day with Katie and Martin and they were off to Italy next where Martin proposed. Congrats you two! Can't wait for the wedding. Our time together is always too short but maybe there will be an opportunity at HP? ;)
Love Always,


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