Monday, August 29, 2011

The French Basque Coast

We recently had the great pleasure of visiting our dear friend and ex roommate Edu in his home town of San Sebastian, Spain. His wonderful family was even kind enough to let us stay with them and treated us to some delicious Basque food. On our first day visiting, the weather in San Sebastian was mediocre so we took a ride over to the French side of the Basque coast where Edu promised there is a micro-climate so the weather would be better. So off we went to the beautiful little town of Biarritz where the weather was indeed better.
We parked at a parking lot on the top of a cliff and walked down to the beach and around to the town center where there is a nice rock formation in the water with a platform to walk around on. Here's Dale and Edu smiling in Biarritz.
We continued walking around the harbor and then through the city back to our car.
After we were done in Biarritz we continued on the coast back towards San Sebastian and stopped in the town Saint Jean de Luz.
I just loved the town center in Saint Jean de Luz, soo Basque with the old traditional houses and the towns colors on display. We walked along the beach and through the town here too and then headed back to San Sebastian.
Dale really liked the Basque signs. The Basque language looks nothing like Spanish and looks difficult to pronounce. 
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