Thursday, August 11, 2011

Alan's Birthday

Alan was visiting Stockholm on his birthday but unfortunately he and Dale were sick (and I ended up catching it too). We didn't want to waste the day though so we went and saw the final Harry Potter in 3D! This was the first time Dale and I had been to the movie theater here. The tickets were 140 sek per person, which is just over 20 dollars, compared with a movie in Colorado which costs 10 dollars. But at least it was in 3D and we all loved it so it was worth it. They don't dub the English movies but they do put subtitles up. One thing that was different is they assign seats in the movie theater but that was actually kind of nice. It made it so we didn't have to worry about getting good seats. After the movie we went out to dinner at Bistro Boheme and ate on their glass enclosed patio. The food was decent but more than anything it was just nice to sit 'outside' on a semi crumby day.

Happy 23rd Birthday Alan!

Love Always,


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